What is Safer Internet?


Safer internet (SI) is a website that offers complex information about safer internet use as well as services concerning education, illegal content reporting and help for people bullied on the internet. It is part of Safer Internet project.


Who operates Safer Internet?

SI is operated by Czech Safer Internet Centre and cofunded by European Comission. It is a part of European INSAFE network, that comrpises of 31 national awareness centres (27 of the EU member states, plus Iceland, Norway, Russia and Serbia).


What are the goals of Safer Internet?

To serve as an awareness centre for empowering children, their parents and teachers to make the best use of the Internet, building on enhanced digital resource centres (repositories), from which specific awareness toolkits and services will be adapted and deployed, in cooperation with third parties (schools, industry).


To operate Pomoconline.cz (Help line) for reporting and dealing with harmful contact (e.g. grooming, online abuse), conduct (e.g. cyberbullying, hate speech, sexting) and content online.

To operate Stoponline.cz (Hotline) for receiving and managing reports and data on online illegal child sexual abuse material.


Awareness raising

Informative awareness campaigns and resources targeting children, parents, grand-parents, care-takers, teachers and social workers.

Helping children with gaining digital skills and tools they need to take advantage of the internet and to navigate safely online.

Promoting awareness of parents and children on online quality content and experiences, and make the associated resources available through their services.

Engaging with children and young people from different demographic groups by setting up a youth platform, including organising regular youth participation activities, allowing them to express their views and pool their knowledge and experience of using online technologies.

Establishing and maintaining partnerships and promoting dialogue and exchange of information with key players (government agencies, ISPs, industries, user organisations, education stakeholders) at national level.


Pomoconline.cz (Helpline)

Offering one-to-one conversations, online and on telephone, with trained helpers in real time to give advice and support to parents and children on issues related to their use of online technologies.

Ensuring that reporting mechanisms are interoperable both with the core platform and with reporting via service providers such as Social Networking Services.

Providing qualitative and quantitative feedback at European level through the core service platform. See more on https://pomoconline.saferinternet.cz.


Stoponline.cz (Hotline)

Made accessible by PC and mobile devices, developer to receive information from the public relating to illegal content of child pornography, and if deemed appropriate racism and xenophobia.

Cooperating with the network of hotlines and fully use and connect to the technical infrastructure provided by the EU core service platform.

Undertaking a preliminary assessment of the legality of the content reported and trace its origin, and forward the report to the body for action (ISP, the police or corresponding hotline) including systematic notice to the host provider of content assessed as child pornography and monitoring of the take-down; forward suspicions of illegal content to certain stakeholders (ISP, the police or corresponding hotline) for further assessment.

Ensuring compatibility with data formats of the EU core service platform and providing statistics required for measuring the impact and effectiveness of the network (e.g. time of removal of the illegal content). See more on http://www.stoponline.cz.


If you are looking for news from the cyberworld, about the online safety trends, or about events organized by the Czech Safer Internet Centre, check out the News – Aktuality section.

If you want to report illegal content such as child pornography, racist and xenophobic hate speech promotion of violence or blackmail go to the Online Hotline website, report the problem and we will make sure that the relevant authorities are contacted as soon as possible. This helps to reduce the flow of illegal content and contributes to the effective protection of internet users. Hotlines are coordinated by INHOPE funded by the Safer Internet Programme.

If you want to take part in one of our study programmes in regions and cities or if you want to make an inquiry about a tailor-made educational workshop, go to Safer Internet Academy.

If you are victim of cyberbullying, or you want to report inappropriate behaviour online that you witnessed, go to our Online Helpline, where specially trained experts will help you with finding the way how to tackle the problem successfully.

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